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How can I coach with CLCF Baseball?

You may contact the Baseball Chairperson with your request, and you will be notified if coaches are needed. Please note that any person who steps onto the field must have a BCI check done through CLCF Baseball. There is a $5.00 fee for the BCI check. If you are interesting in coaching, please click here. 


I had a BCI check done through another league, my employer, etc., do I need to have another one done through CLCF Baseball.

Yes. Regardless of previous BCI checks, one must be run through CLCF Baseball every year that you volunteer.


I do not have the time to manage/coach a team, but wish to help out with practices. Do I still need to submit a BCI check? 

Yes! The safety of our players is our highest priority in all that we do. Any person who volunteers in ANY capacity at a CLCF Baseball sponsored event must submit a BCI check, and are subject to additional background screening at the national level. No person is permitted to step foot on the field at any time (game, practice, etc.) if they do not have a BCI on file with CLCF Baseball.


How can my business sponsor a team?

If you are interested in sponsoring a team, thank you! Your support helps the league maintain an excellent program for the youth of Cranston. You may contact the Baseball Chairperson, who will provide you with a sponsorship packet. This packet will describe what is covered under sponsorship, the fees, and the available packages. Please click here if you are interested in sponsoring CLCF Baseball.

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