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Will there be playoffs?

In the Instructional division, the last game of the regular season marks the end of the spring season. For AA, AAA Jr., AAA, and Majors, playoffs are held after completion of the regular season. Every team makes the playoffs, and games are scheduled based off regular season standings. The format of the playoffs (single elimination/double elimination) varies on the division of play.


Will my child receive a trophy?

In our younger divisions, all players receive a trophy or medal. In our older divisions, players on the championship/runner-up teams will receive trophies/medals.


Can my son or daughter keep the uniform?

Players in all divisions can keep their hats and socks. Players in the Instructional, AA, and AAA Jr. divisions may keep their uniform shirts. Players in the AAA and Majors divisions must return their uniform shirts to their coaches at the completion of the season. Uniforms are expected to be returned in good condition (normal wear and tear expected.)

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