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Can my child play during the summer?

CLCF Baseball is a Cal Ripken Baseball league, and thus competes in Cal Ripken State and Regional Tournaments. CLCF fields tournament teams in the 9 year old division, 10 year old division, 11 year old division, and 12 year old division. These teams will represent both CLCF and Cranston in the Rhode Island Cal Ripken State Tournament, with the possibility of continuing onto the Cal Ripken New England Regionals, and even the Cal Ripken World Series (for 10 and 12 year old teams.) CLCF Baseball has demonstrated tremendous success in these tournaments, with numerous state titles, and many successful runs in the New England Regionals. In 2014, our 10 Year Old team won the New England Regionals, and advanced to the 10 Year Old Cal Ripken World Series in Winchester, VA. This was the first time that a CLCF team has won a New England Regional, and the first time Rhode Island has been represented in a Cal Ripken World Series.


How can my child be a part of these tournament teams?

These teams are open to all CLCF Baseball players who played in the regular season. These teams are selected through either a tryout, or a selection process done by the coaches. More information will be available towards the latter half of the regular season.


How much of a commitment is being a member of one of the tournament teams?

Due to the rigorous competition at the state and regional level, these teams will often practice every night of the week. State tournaments, while local, run for a week in duration, and can often entail playing every day. Regional tournaments may be in places with a long commute, and often requires a hotel stay.


Are there summer opportunities for players who are younger than nine?

CLCF also fields an 8-year-old tournament team, that competes in various tournaments in New England, such as the Christopher Andreozzi Memorial Tournament in Pawtucket. More information about this team will be available towards the latter half of the regular season.


Does CLCF Baseball offer a Fall Ball program?

Yes. The program is welcome to all players, and is not restricted to players who played CLCF in the spring. More information about fall ball will be made available as it approaches.


Can my child train through CLCF Baseball during the winter?

Please check and our social media outlets for information regarding offseason opportunities.


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