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What division will my child be in?

Depending on his or her age, your child will be placed in a specific division of play. The general breakdown of the divisions are as follows:

         Instructional: Ages 4 and 5

         AA: Ages 6 and 7

         AAA Jr.: Age 8

         AAA: Ages: 9-12*

         Majors 70’: Ages 11 and 12*


* A tryout is required for new players to these divisions.


What is Majors 70’?

In 2013, CLCF Baseball introduced a 50/70 baseball Majors program, introducing this form of baseball to Cranston. This level of baseball is played on a slightly larger field (70’ base paths and a 50’ pitching distance), and introduces concepts of higher level baseball such as leading and balks. 50/70 baseball is an excellent intermediate playing level between the 46’60’ field of AAA, and the 60.6’/90’ field of the Babe Ruth and higher level.


Who can play in the Majors division?

Players who are baseball age 11 and 12 can play in the Majors division.


Does CLCF Baseball have a 50/70 field?

Yes. Our field in the Chafee Complex on Hope Road was modified to be a convertible field such that both Majors 70’ games as well as AAA games can be played there.


Can I request that my child be put with his or her friends, or with a specific coach?

If your child plays in Instructional, AA, or AAA Jr., we try to honor as many requests of this nature as possible. At the AAA and Majors level, requests cannot be honored as teams are picked through a draft process that takes place after tryouts. If there are any special circumstances, please contact the Baseball Chairperson.


How are teams formed?

In the Instructional, AA, and AAA Jr. divisions, teams are arranged by league officials. We try to honor requests, and also try to group players by school/day care, neighborhood, etc. In the AAA and Majors divisions, teams are selected via a draft process that takes place after the tryouts.


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