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When are tryouts?

Tryouts will take place during March, at an indoor facility. Players can bring their own bats, helmets, gloves, etc. and should wear sneakers. Information regarding tryouts will be circulated closer to the tryout date.


Does my child need to tryout?

If you child falls under one of the following categories, he or she needs to try out:

  • • My child has never played CLCF Baseball before, and has a baseball age of 9, 10, 11, or 12.

  • • Baseball 9 who played AAA Jr. last season, and wishes to move up to AAA.

  • • Baseball 11 who played AAA last season, and wishes to move up to Majors

If your child must tryout, you will receive an email from the league with your tryout information.


I just received information about my child's tryout time, but he/she cannot make the tryout. What should I do?

Please email us ( ASAP to discuss options.


When should I receive a call from a coach?

If your child plays AAA or Majors, and is a new player, he or she will receive a call from a coach a few days after the tryout. If your child plays in AAA Jr., AA, or Instructional, you will receive a call from a coach around the middle of March, as these teams are set after the older divisions. The coach may schedule a team meeting, where he or she may distribute schedules and contact information, as well as have parents sign important player information forms.


If my child needs to tryout, does this mean he or she might not name a team?

No. Every child will be selected for a Spring team. Tryouts are simply a chance for coaches to evaluate players who are new to the league or new to a particular division. 


After I receive a call from the coach, when do games and practices start?

Due to city ordinance, we cannot use the fields until after April 1st. Your coach will notify you as to when team practices will start. AAA and Majors games begin on the first week of April, and AAA Jr., AA, and Instructional games will begin after Opening Day.

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