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What portions of the uniform are supplied by the league?

As part of your registration fee, your child will receive a hat with the team name, a uniform shirt, and socks.


What portions of the uniform do I need to buy?

You will need to buy baseball pants, rubber cleats* (no metal cleats are permitted) and protective equipment (athletic supporter and cup). All of these items are available at Elmwood Sports.


*Sneakers are acceptable for Instructional and AA players.


Is equipment provided by the league?

Yes. The league will provide helmets, catcher’s equipment, bats, etc. Players should bring their own glove, with their name written on the glove. However, many players feel more comfortable using their own equipment. 


I want to buy my son/daughter equipment. What should I keep in mind?

Many players feel more comfortable using their own equipment. Please keep the following in mind:

  • • Your child's name should be written on everything that he/she brings to the field. This will prevent equipment being misplaced.

  • • If you are purchasing your child a bat, please be sure to ask for assistance to be sure that you are buying the correct size bat for your child      based on his/her height and size. Please note: bats whose diameter exceed 2 1/4 inches are illegal at this level of play. Any       illegal bat will be removed from a game.


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