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Please use the forms below to list the innings pitched for each pitcher. The format should be as follows:

Johnny Smith- 2 innings

Bobby Jones- 2 innings



Innings will be listed for each pitcher in the table under the form. Please note that the table will not update automatically.


Pitching Limitations are defined on page 11 of the Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken Rule Book.

Important rules to note:

0.06-1: A Cal Ripken Baseball pitcher, regardless of age may pitch six (6) innings per calendar week.

a. Rule 0.06--1 applies to all games regardless of when played. This includes rescheduled and make-up games.

b. If a pitcher delivers one (1) pitch in an inning, he shall be charged for one (1) inning pitched.


0.06-2: The calendar week of Babe Ruth League, Inc. is Monday through, and including, Sunday.



0.06-3: A Cal Ripken Baseball pitcher must have two (2) calendar days rest between pitching assignments if he pitches in more than two innings in one game.


2016 Playoff Pitching

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