Spring Season Spectator Code of Conduct

The goal of the CLCF Baseball Program is to provide an enjoyable, exciting, and rewarding recreational experience for the children in our community.

CLCF Baseball operates all events under a strict zero tolerance rule. Unsportsmanlike actions, comments, and/or gestures directed towards players, coaches, umpires, or league officials will not be tolerated. Any display of inappropriate conduct or use of inappropriate or offensive language at any baseball activity or event is subject to disciplinary action within the discretion of the CLCF Board of Directors and/or Baseball Chairperson, including the possibility of suspension and removal.

Any person that displays behavior that results in ejection from a game must immediately leave the facility.
Spectators are encouraged to cheer for the players and team to create a positive environment. No spectator may engage in any chant directed at a player, team, or umpire. Comments against a player, coach, and/or umpire regarding race, gender, or ability will not be tolerated. The use of profanity, as well as discriminatory or negative comments, is grounds for immediate ejection.

Spectators are asked not to “coach” players at any time during the game, as this is disruptive to the players, coaches, and team.

Per city ordinance, smoking is strictly prohibited at any CLCF field. The use of drugs and/or alcohol at a city field is also strictly prohibited. Any directive from a league official or umpire regarding smoking or substance usage at a field must be followed.

Most important, we ask that spectators promote a sportsmanlike environment by showing positive support towards all players, coaches, and umpires. Please remember, our goal is to foster a positive and fun environment for all of our players, and we expect the behavior of all spectators to be consistent with this mission.